the Spotify music festival


Music festivals draw crowds, but the diversity within those crowds is limited. Due to the similarities between genres at each festival, the fan base is usually very similar. In addition, fans have no say in which music acts are selected to play at these festivals, therefore the lineups can prove to be disappointing.


Mixify is a music festival where performers are chosen based on a list of the top listened to Spotify artists; that list is then voted on by Spotify Premium members. Each music genre is represented at the festival, therefore promoting the ultimate inclusion.



Syncing Up Worlds.

The Mixify identity is inspired by the ‘out of this world’ experience that the festival has to offer while depicting energy and movement, and it carries along the Spotify circular shape.



The Mixify logo is the form of the Spotify logo, rotated and turned into an M.

mixify logos (1)-01.png
mixify logos (1)-02.png


Color Palette


Voting Process


Tap Mixify logo on artist’s page to reveal the vote button.




Direct Mailer Brochure


To further Mixify’s theme of Unity, each night’s headliner will consist of two artists of different genres performing together - mashup style.




Add the artists you want to see to a personalized schedule, and we’ll remind you of the stage names and times of the performances.


We’ve created an interactive map to guide you around the grounds. Preload your friend’s wristbands into the map and you’ll always be able find each other. If you make new friends - and we hope you do - there’s the option of scanning their wristband, too.




Amazon Give



Amazon wants to remind their customers that there's more to life than just receiving. And what better way to do that than to provide their members with an opportunity to give? 

Introducing Amazon Give – an experience that celebrates everyday heroes. Each month is dedicated to a new group of heroes that Prime members have the opportunity to support with items specifically chosen for them.  


1)  Amazon chooses Prime members at random

2)  Prime member chooses from an assortment of gifts (payed for by Amazon)

3)  Gift is sent to someone who falls under the monthly Amazon Give category


Primary Color Palette

Because Amazon Give is a celebration, a fun, energetic color palette was chosen.

Each month's design will include the primary color palette, but an additional color will be exchanged monthly to further distinguish between hero groups. 

amazon give deck4 copy.jpg


Because each month is celebrating a new hero group, the logo changes accordingly. The item inside the hand reflects that group and is carried throughout that month's design. 

Celebrating  teachers

Celebrating teachers

Celebrating  humane societies

Celebrating humane societies

Celebrating  senior citizens

Celebrating senior citizens


 Giving Occasions


Monthly Patterns

senior citizens

senior citizens



humane societies

humane societies


The design style has a camouflage similitude because it is inspired by the idea of "undercover giving." Elements relating to the undercover hero group are hidden within the patterns.


Where it Happens

mockup 1.png
mockup 2.png

video that is shown in the screen above

Notification at checkout

Notification at checkout

Items sorted according to participating sponsors.

Items sorted according to participating sponsors.

mockup 5.png

Digital Displays


physical components

box open.jpg

launch party

To boost morale for Amazon's year of giving, launch parties will be thrown at random, undisclosed locations.

box closed.jpg
launch party infographic-06.png


by Casper


Casper is a brand known for its comfort. They guarantee a better sleep with all of their products, but their current products are aimed toward adults. 


Introducing Dreamer by Casper. Dreamer is a pillow made for kids to help kids fall  asleep faster and stay asleep. The comfortable pillow comes with a sound device that is controlled by an app. The pillow plays lullabies, self recorded bedtime stories, and sleep sounds. 

Brand loyalty can start at a young age when children are able to grow up with Casper.


Project contribution: package design and illustrations 

App design by: Peter Nguyen



color palette with shadow.png
dreamer lid .jpg



The packaging was designed to mimic Casper's current pillow packaging in shape and size, but in order to stand out and appeal to younger eyes, bright colors were added; soothing colors were also used in reflection of the product's purpose. Gentle illustrations depict a story that is revealed in the product's storybook tag.   

Dreamer Packaging back.jpg
dreamer packaigng front .jpg
with shadow.png


casper pillow 2.jpg

Storybook Tag


App design

app layout.png

Fitzco Swag

Client gifts designed for hotel pitch


French’s Mustard Ice Cream

(page under construction)

I scream, you scream, wait… mustard ice cream? This summer, we wanted to take French’s mustard from the grill and make it chill. To celebrate National Mustard Day, French’s Mustard Ice Cream was born and given out to the lucky citizens of NYC and LA. As part of the Not From France campaign, we had the opportunity to create a system that was bold and colorful. In just a couple weeks, we designed and built 50 custom coolers to send to press, branded musical greeting cards, packaging, an ice cream truck, and loads of swag to get people excited.

Featured on:
Adweek , CNN, FOX, USA Today, Today Show, Good Morning America, Pop Sugar, People, Complex, Fast Company, Insider, Food & Wine, Funny Or Die, The Drum, and many others. 

1.3 Billion Earned Impressions

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.58.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 4.46.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 10.59.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 11.00.44 AM.png

Consumer social posts using #frenchs #mustardicecream


@Frenchs social posts by Erick Holmquist and Aaron Hirsch


press kit design

(new photos to come)

cup mockup.png


hueberry magazine is an observation of fruitful introspection. Intended to be esoteric, it compiles different artistic expressions that contemplate the “self,” seeking to uncover various ways we explore our inner landscapes and what that looks like once it is externalized. 

The magazine uses color theory to further depict the concept of introspection, designed primarily in blue violet, violet, and red violet.


Most images are originals, with the help of photographer Richard Scott

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 7.45.28 PM.png

Oreo Website

website redesign

new oreo artboard-01.png
new dress up-01.png

The design wasn't translated perfectly, but check out the live site to see animations and interactions. (click on games to play them)


Nataly Garzon

Angelica de Wit

oreos hanging-22.png

Healing Crystals


Healing Crystals is a website intended for novice crystal users, designed to help introduce the healing benefits of crystals in a simple, straightforward way. An assortment of popular beginner crystals are available for purchase, along with listed benefits for each particular crystal type.



Erin Kahn

Cassandra Desrosiers

Ekaterina Sudakova


Shakespeare Book Covers

These books covers are inspired by Shakespeare's avid use of weather as symbolism for conflict and disruption within the natural order of society. A hand-done script is used to emphasize his use of humanistic themes, and the covers are in black and white to depict his theme of light vs. dark.

the tempest.jpg
king lear.jpg

The Presidential Train

website redesign


The Presidential is a luxury train in Portugal. Running only 25 times a year, passengers have the option of a One Day, Two Day or Three Day trip during either spring or autumn. 


To match The Presidential's opulent yet almost rustic feel, the clean layout mixes old elements with new. Double gold lines carry throughout the design to bring in subtle train track implications. 

about desktop-01-01.png
mobile mockup-01.jpg

The booking page animates in as you scroll to show the selected trip's itinerary.





The world is unable to further withstand the strain that animal agriculture has put on it, and the suffering of the animals being raised for food has been hidden and ignored for too long.



Mercé is the first restaurant to utilize the up-and-coming Clean Meat technology, which creates real meat from animal cells, therefore reducing environmental impact and saving animal lives. Mercé is an entirely new creative experience that satisfies in an inspiring and guilt-free way.


Mercé revolves entirely around the idea of transparency. The restaurant exterior is made out of plexiglass and is in the shape of a lamb chop. The lamb chop reflects the avant-garde characteristics of the restaurant. It emphasizes the restaurant's use of real meat, as well as represents the purity of the restaurant through the use of a lamb.


For the identity, iridescent foil is used to depict transparency and the glass of the restaurant. Located in San Francisco, personality of the city is included by adding humorous personification to the lamb chop.

business cards.png

Mercè serves high-end French cuisine. Clean design is used for the menu.


Because Mercé is the first of it's kind, a coffee table book that explains the restaurant's journey and purpose is available for purchase.



Grant Achatz, progressive Michelin star chef and owner of Mercé, will tour the country with his Supper Club to introduce the revolutionary Clean Meat technology.

merce website mockup.jpg

Ondori Japanese Tea

ONDORI tea is inspired by the Japanese rooster, an Ondori, which is collaged into the can's patterns.


Concept One:

Inspired by the bold work of Japanese graphic designer, Ikko Tanaka, mixed with a modern chaotic texture reminiscent of rooster feathers.



Concept Two:

Type movement depicts the erratic movements of the rooster, and the red letter within the moving type correlates with the flavor of tea. 


rosemary Rise coffe



Rosemary Rise is a coffee brand with a twist. Included in the packaging are rosemary seeds that can later be planted and grown inside the coffee container itself. Once grown, the rosemary plant can be used to create a special coffee drink called the Rosemary Rise.


Rosemary has been known to help alleviate brain fog and enhance cognitive function.  Accompanied by coffee's caffeine boost, what better way is there to start the morning? Plus, it tastes great!


"Once steps are completed, fill container with a well-drained soil. Plant seeds and place container in a full sun area. Water twice a week or if top two inches of soil is dry." 

"When plant is grown, coffee grounds may be used as PH stabilizer. With coffee grounds, make a small ring in the soil around the plant."


"Start you day right with energy and a clear mind. Pair this 100% organic coffee with your freshly home grown rosemary for a unique morning experience that is not only delicious, but also beneficial to your soul."

"Rosemary has been known to help alleviate bran fog and enhance cognitive function."


Rosemary simple syrup can be added to the coffee to make a Rosemary Rise drink.

Artboard 1 copy 32.png

RockDog Greeting Cards

Punny greeting cards inspired by classic rock bands. Cards are designed to resemble vinyl records.


Logos and Trademarks

Central America and Caribbean Games sport icons:

Central America and Caribbean Games sport icons

Central America and Caribbean Games sport icons


blank piece.png