The world is unable to further withstand the strain that animal agriculture has put on it, and the suffering of the animals being raised for food has been hidden and ignored for too long.



Mercé is the first restaurant to utilize the up-and-coming Clean Meat technology, which creates real meat from animal cells, therefore reducing environmental impact and saving animal lives. Mercé is an entirely new creative experience that satisfies in an inspiring and guilt-free way.


Mercé revolves entirely around the idea of transparency. The restaurant exterior is made out of plexiglass and is in the shape of a lamb chop. The lamb chop reflects the avant-garde characteristics of the restaurant. It emphasizes the restaurant's use of real meat, as well as represents the purity of the restaurant through the use of a lamb.


For the identity, iridescent foil is used to depict transparency and the glass of the restaurant. Located in San Francisco, personality of the city is included by adding humorous personification to the lamb chop.

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Mercè serves high-end French cuisine. Clean design is used for the menu.


Because Mercé is the first of it's kind, a coffee table book that explains the restaurant's journey and purpose is available for purchase.



Grant Achatz, progressive Michelin star chef and owner of Mercé, will tour the country with his Supper Club to introduce the revolutionary Clean Meat technology.
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