Amazon Give



Amazon wants to remind their customers that there's more to life than just receiving. And what better way to do that than to provide their members with an opportunity to give? 

Introducing Amazon Give – an experience that celebrates everyday heroes. Each month is dedicated to a new group of heroes that Prime members have the opportunity to support with items specifically chosen for them.  


1)  Amazon chooses Prime members at random

2)  Prime member chooses from an assortment of gifts (payed for by Amazon)

3)  Gift is sent to someone who falls under the monthly Amazon Give category


Primary Color Palette

Because Amazon Give is a celebration, a fun, energetic color palette was chosen.

Each month's design will include the primary color palette, but an additional color will be exchanged monthly to further distinguish between hero groups. 

amazon give deck4 copy.jpg


Because each month is celebrating a new hero group, the logo changes accordingly. The item inside the hand reflects that group and is carried throughout that month's design. 

Celebrating  teachers

Celebrating teachers

Celebrating  humane societies

Celebrating humane societies

Celebrating  senior citizens

Celebrating senior citizens


 Giving Occasions


Monthly Patterns

senior citizens

senior citizens



humane societies

humane societies


The design style has a camouflage similitude because it is inspired by the idea of "undercover giving." Elements relating to the undercover hero group are hidden within the patterns.


Where it Happens

mockup 1.png
mockup 2.png

video that is shown in the screen above

Notification at checkout

Notification at checkout

Items sorted according to participating sponsors.

Items sorted according to participating sponsors.

mockup 5.png

Digital Displays


physical components

box open.jpg

launch party

To boost morale for Amazon's year of giving, launch parties will be thrown at random, undisclosed locations.

box closed.jpg
launch party infographic-06.png